Scott’s methods start with a study of your horse’s conformation and movement. This requires examining the 45 structures within the hoof. The horse’s natural wear patterns and existing conditions are noted. With the evaluation completed your horse is shod according to its discipline.

If Scott finds a genetic or environmental hoof defect he will present a course of planned treatment.

Scott’s experience allows him to deal with corrective shoeing for many conditions including; navicular, laminitis, genetic deformations, abscesses and injuries.

The expression “For the lack of a shoe the horse was lost; for the lack of a horse the battle was lost says it all. The horse’s foot is its foundation. Scott Reed’s experience ensures that your equines receive the best in hoof care.

A farrier’s work is extremely precise and allows for NO margin of error. Scott Reed is a craftsman at his work.

Scott has worked with many veterinary practices and will liaise and consult with your veterinary surgeon to ensure that the best course of action is taken in those complicated cases. 

Scott has worked together with many equestrian centres focused on reining, cutting, pleasure, racing and, hunter jumpers.

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